Risk assets


Our company provides the following services in the area of dealing with risk assets:

  • Comprehensive services upon providing work-outs (administration and resolution of non-performing assets) of companies by an experienced team:
    • Preservation work-outs
      • Preservation of the business rescue out of insolvency proceedings (restructuring, crisis management, “London Rules“)
      • Preservation of the business rescue within the frame of insolvency proceedings (reorganization, preservation pursuant to § 209 of the Act on Insolvency) 
    • liquidation work-outs (liquidation within the insolvency proceedings)
  • Modification of the process according to the creditor’s requirements (bank), its decision-making mechanisms, reporting, etc.
  • Processing of the “Workout’s Strategy“ – a document submitted to the creditor (bank), which shall include both the analysis of the current situation and the suggestion for the further procedure  (incl. possible alternatives) – and its implementation
  • Implementation may include a wide range of activities from the supervision over the whole process to active crisis management
  • „Exit“ shall be proposed in the Strategy – transfer of the client under the creditor’s (bank’s) administration, sale, insolvency proceedings termination, etc.
  • Controlling cash flows of the enterprise
  • Material and financial restructuring
  • Crisis management
  • Use of special tools:
    • „London Rules“
    • Tolling
  • Representing the client in the creditor’s committee pursuant to the strategy, or pursuant to the creditor’s instructions
  • Assistance to the insolvency trustee upon complicated insolvency proceedings (reorganizations, etc.)